Online Workshop zum weltweiten CI-Konsensus

Am 10.12.2020 um 15:00 Uhr veranstaltet der Deutsche Schwerhörigenbund e.V. (DSB) einen Online Workshop über den weltweiten Maßstab für die Cochlea-Implantat (CI)-Versorgung bei Erwachsenen, das Konsenspapier des Consumer and Professional Advocacy...

Expanding Adult Cochlear Implant Access and Outcomes

Expanding Adult Cochlear Implant Access & Outcomes ACI Alliance is excited to partner with Audiology Online to offer an informative four-course series this January covering “Expanding Adult Cochlear Implant Access...

CI Futures Forum: Consensus Towards Standard of Care

In every country access to cochlear implantation (CI) for adults with severe or profound hearing loss is low. Globally, it is estimated that only one in twenty who could benefit from cochlear implants have one. Most other health treatments have internationally accepted standards of care that inform patients and health care practitioners about when specialist referrals and treatment options should be considered.

Watch the presentations from this webinar here

Chair: Gerard O'Donoghue (Nottingham)

Presenters: Professor Wu Hao (CN), Professor Seung Ha Oh (KR), Professor Pu Dai (CN), Associate Professor Jenny Loo (SG), Dr Kuang Chao (Joshua) Chen (TW), Dr Kalyani Mandke (IN)

Cochlear Implant Experiences and Best Practise Tips

Cochlear Implant Experiences and Best Practise Tips Cochlear implant devices are small, complex devices that can help provide a sense of sound to the user. Around for over 40 years,...

CI Futures Forum: Awareness of Cochlear Implantation

Lack of referral pathways to CI leads to a substantial unnecessary burden to the individual with hearing loss, with a poorer quality of life. We know that a lack of referral and awareness of the benefits of cochlear implantation are the major reasons for under-identification of the many who could benefit.

Watch the presentations from this webinar here

Chair: Brian Kaplan (Maryland)

Presenters: Regina Presley (US), Howard Francis (US), Barbara Kelley (US), Rene Gifford (US), Matthew L. Carlson (US), Allison Biever (US)

CI Futures Forum: Best Practice Clinical Pathway for Diagnosis

Screening for hearing loss in adults is important for the identification of potential candidates for cochlear implantation. Clearer and appropriate criteria for diagnosis of those who may be a candidate for cochlear implants will help create a clear pathway to implantation and improve understanding of the benefits and appropriateness of CIs by health professionals and the general public.

Watch the presentations from this webinar here

Chair: Michal Luntz

Presenters: Leo De Raeve, Ulriche Hoppe, Shakeel Saeed, Emmanuel A.M. Mylanus, Laura Turton, Christophe Vincent

CI Futures Forum: World Report on Hearing

This webinar featured presentations from a diverse multidisciplinary panel of experts. The panel discussed the recommendations from the WHO World Report on Hearing Published March 3rd 2021.

This report will have collected information from all its member countries on good and poor practices related to hearing loss at the international and national levels.

Watch the presentations from this webinar here

Chair: Catherine McMahon

Presenters: Mahmood F Bhutta, Peter Thorne, Susan D Emmett, Carrie L. Nieman, Katherine Bouton