The Relationship Between Hearing Loss
and Depression, Cognition and Dementia

Presented 27 July 2021

The sixth webinar in the CI Futures Forum Season 2 was held on 27 July 2021. We have collected the presentations from our panellists below.

Isabelle Mosnier

‘Severe and Profound Hearing Loss and Cognition: Is There a Cognitive Benefit of Cochlear Implantation?’

Dakota Bysouth-Young

‘Hearing Implants Australia: Quality of Life Measures, Findings, and Initiatives’

Craig Buchman

‘International Consensus Paper Overview and Statements Relating to Depression, Cognition and Dementia’

Robert Mandara

‘Cochlear Implant Recipient: Personal Experience and Challenges Associated with Hearing Loss’

Frank Lin

‘Hearing Loss & Dementia: From Epidemiological Insights to the ACHIEVE Randomized Trial’

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Gerard O’Donoghue