The content on adult hearing is derived from findings associated with the paper Unilateral Cochlear Implants for Bilateral Severe, Profound, or Moderate Sloping to Profound Sensorineural Hearing Loss

A Systematic Review and Consensus 1Delphi Consensus Group on Cochlear Implantation in Adults published in XXXXXXX 2020 Authors; Craig A Buchman MD,1 René H Gifford PhD,2 David Haynes MD,2 Thomas Lenarz MD,3 Gerard O’Donoghue FRCS,4,5 Oliver Adunka MD,6 Allison Biever AuD,7 Robert Briggs FRACS,8,9,10 Matthew L Carlson MD,11 Pu Dai, MD,12 Colin Driscoll MD,11 Howard W Francis MD,13 Bruce Gantz MD,14 Richard K Gurgel MD,15 Marlan Hansen MD,14 Meredith Holcomb AuD,16,17 Eva Karltorp MD,18 Milind Kirtane MS ENT,19 Jannine Larky AuD,20 Emmanuel Mylanus MD,21 J Thomas Roland Jr MD,22 Shakeel R Saeed MD,23 Henryk Skarzynski MD,24 Piotr H Skarzynski MD,24,25,26 Mark Syms MD,27 Holly Teagle AuD,28 Paul Van de Heyning MD,29 Christophe Vincent MD,30 Hao Wu MD,31 Tatsuya Yamasoba MD,32 Terry Zwolan PhD33

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