HHC Webinar: Audiology Reimbursement

Register here for the next in a series of webinars aimed at educating hearing professionals.

A review and discussion of the impact to access to care with Ian Windmill, PhD

HHC Webinar: What’s Your Hearing Number?

A new approach to educating the public about hearing health presented by Molly Sheehan from the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Centre for Hearing and Public Health.

CIICA CONVERSATION: Experiences of Tinnitus and CI

Although most forms of ear and hearing problems can be effectively managed with modern technology, tinnitus remains an invisible unaddressed burden to many.

In this CIICA conversation, led by Robert Mandara (Vice-President, EURO-CIU), we would like to hear and discuss your thoughts and experiences on all aspects of tinnitus in relation to CI.

CIICA LIVE: Young People With CI

Chaired by Bowen Tang, CI User, and President of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People, IFHOHYP, young CI users, families and those providing services for young people around the globe will contribute to this 90 minute session.

Young CI users and their families, and providers of services will share their experiences about the challenges and opportunities at home, school, higher education and work.