CI Research at a Distance:
A Post-COVID Challenge

Presented 16 September 2020

The fifth and final webinar in the CI Futures Forum series was held on 16 September 2020. We have collected the presentations from our panellists below. All videos are captioned.

Bradley Welling

Bradley Welling (US)

‘Providing Health Care to Patients with Hearing Loss During COVID-19’ 

Kevin Munro

Kevin Munro (UK)

‘Does coronavirus affect the audio-vestibular system’

Rachel Haines (UK)

‘The design and conduct of randomised controlled trials post-Covid: considerations from a clinical trialist’

Teresa Ching

Teresa Ching (AU)

‘The LOCHI study: speech discrimination and ecological momentary analysis’

Rene Gifford

Rene Gifford (US)

‘Cochlear implant research in the United States: COVID-19 precautions and amendments’

Dan Jiang

Dan Jiang (UK)

‘Maximising benefit of bilateral cochlear implant in the post Covid-19 era’

Youri Maryn

Youri Maryn (BE)

‘Do nose-and-mouth covering masks change speech sound properties?’

Jay Rubinstein

Jay Rubinstein (US)

‘Impacts of COVID on the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center’