Global Responses of CI Services
to COVID-19

Presented 2 September 2020

The fourth webinar in the CI Futures Forum series was held on 2 September 2020. We have collected the presentations from our panellists below. All videos are captioned.

Helen Cullington

Libby Whitlock (UK) interviewed by Helen Cullington (UK)

‘Remote services: patient perspective’

Daniel Lee

Daniel J Lee (US)

‘Risk mitigation during cochlear implant surgery in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic: the role of heads-up surgery with exoscopes and barrier drapes’ 


Pu Dai (CN)

‘CI Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic in China’

Neelam Vaid

Neelam Vaid (IN)

‘Beyond the doom and gloom’

George Tavartkiladze

George Tavartkiladze (RU)

‘Global Responses of CI Services to COVID-19: Russian Experience’

Valeria Goffi (BR)

‘What can be put into practice from what we learned during the quarantine?’

Michael Tong

Michael Tong (HK)

‘The COVID-19 response in Hong Kong and CI services’

Gaetano Paludetti

Gaetano Paludetti (IT)

‘The Italian experience on deafness management and CI services during COVID-19 pandemic’