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You are invited to view the Educational Webinars from the Hearing Health Collaborative.

Good hearing and communication are important to all stages of life. The number of people living with disabling hearing loss continues to grow in the United States especially among the adult population. If left unaddressed or under addressed, hearing loss poses significant challenges to healthy aging.

The Hearing Health Collaborative was formed to understand the underlying barriers and define a plan to overcome challenges to access. Specifically, we explore 1) awareness of the science behind healthy hearing and healthy aging 2) current guidance and policies to support access to the full continuum of treatment solutions and 3) adequacy of care delivery models to support an increasing number of patients.

The Role of Accessibility, Technology and Health Literacy of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals

Click to hear from Michael McKee as he presents on the role of accessibility, technology and health literacy on Deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Equitable Access to Hearing Care

Presented by Matthew L Bush M.D. PhD, MBA, FACS from the University of Kentucky, USA.

The development of living guidelines for cochlear implants

Click to hear from Meredith Holcomb AuD. on the development of Living Guidelines. Recorded November 2022.

Development of 60/60 Candidacy Guideline

Terry Zwolan PhD. presents on the development of 60/60 candidacy guideline for referring adults for a traditional cochlear implant candidacy evaluation.

What hearing health may learn from endocrinology: The path to establishing Adiposity-Based Chronic Disease (ABCD)

Presented by Jeffrey I. Mechanick, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes and Bone Disease at the Icahn School of Medicine and Director of Metabolic Support, Mount Sinai Hospital. USA.

Developing a Data-Driven Awareness Campaign for Better Hearing with Members of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA)

As part of a series of educational webinars The Hearing Health Collaborative invited members from the Hearing Industries Association and advisory and advocacy communications consultancy APCO to walk through their data driven campaign for hearing health.

Medicare National Coverage Determination (NCD): Maximising the Opportunity

Hear from Donna Sorkin, Executive Director at the American Cochlear Implant Alliance, as she presents on Medicare expansion for cochlear implants.

What Happens at the CI Activation?

Meredith Holcomb AuD
Director, Hearing Implant Program
University of Miami Ear Institute

Adult Hearing Screening Guidelines Presentation

As part of a series of educational webinars The Hearing Health Collaborative, invited Jennifer Deal, PhD epidemiologist and gerontologist with expertise in cognitive aging to present on Adult Hearing Screening Guidelines, specifically how this relates to the US Preventative Services Task Forces’ process for assessing a hearing screening program for hearing loss in asymptomatic older adults.

Hearing Industries Association Presentation

As part of a series of educational webinars The Hearing Health Collaborative, invited Kate Carr, President of the Hearing Industries Association, (HIA) to present some of the incredible work the organisation has undertaken since 1995 to raise awareness of Hearing Loss amongst the community.

What’s your hearing number?

A new approach to educating the public about hearing health, presented by Professor Frank Lin and Molly Sheehan from Johns Hopkins Cochlear Centre for Hearing Health.

The ABC’s of Public Health Policy

Click here to listen to Liza M Creal PhD, MPM, Associate Professor, University of Colorado, as she presents on the ABC’s of Public Policy.