No touch CI pathways:
will Covid-19 drive innovation?

Presented 5 August 2020

The second webinar in the CI Futures Forum series was held on 5 August 2020. We have collected the presentations from our panellists below. All videos are captioned.

Trisha DiGiovanni

Patrizia DiGiovanni (AU)

A consumer’s perspective on “remoting”

De Wet Swanepoel

De Wet Swanepoel (ZA)

‘Rethinking audiology during COVID-19 and beyond’

Frederic Venail

Frederic Venail (FR)

‘Lessons from remote fitting of hearing aids. One more step towards CI remote fitting’

Stephen O'Leary

Stephen O’Leary (AU)

‘Monitoring cochlear health with a CI: emerging technologies to remotely assess recipients’ residual hearing and cochlear status’

Michelle Kraskin

Michelle Kraskin (US)

‘Paediatric Audiologic care throughout a global pandemic’

Colleen Psarros

Colleen Psarros (AU)

‘Catalysing the dormant innovation in Cochlear Implantation’

R Ranjith

R Ranjith (IN)

‘Evolving Remote Care for CI in South India- MERF model’

Paul Govaerts

Paul Govaerts (BE)

‘Are home testing and home fitting within reach?’