A Conversation on Patient Care with an Audiologist Living with Cochlear Implants

We need to pay attention to the denial and shame associated with hearing loss.

Inside the Research | March 2023 Hearing Review
By Douglas L Beck, AuD


Douglas Beck: Hi Nashlea! It was wonderful meeting you in Ontario, Canada, in the autumn of 2022.

Nashlea Brogan: Thanks, Doug! It was great to meet you, too; I enjoyed your lectures!

Beck: Thank you. So let’s kick this off by addressing your audiology education. I know you went to Western Ontario for your master’s.

Brogan: Right. I graduated from Western Ontario in 2003 with my master’s and then went to Salus University for my AuD and graduated with my doctorate in 2009.

Beck: And you opened a private practice pretty early in your career?

Brogan: I did. I opened my private practice, Bluewater Hearing, in Sarnia, Ontario, in 2004, right after receiving my master’s.

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Douglas L Beck, AuD
Douglas L Beck, AuD
Nashlea Brogan, AuD
Nashlea Brogan, AuD