New Global CI community CIICA launches

On International Cochlear Implant Day we are delighted to welcome the launch of the Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA) – a new and innovative community of organisations, individuals and experts sharing the vision of increasing access to cochlear implants, and lifelong support for those who benefit from them.

To address the gap in CI provision and long-term support, CIICA provides a new way of working for CI advocacy groups, bringing them together with opportunities to exploit the synergy between them.

Led by users and family groups, working closely with professional organisations, experts in the field of CI and other stakeholders, CIICA will:

  • Increase access to the provision of CI and lifelong services globally
  • Develop a global community of CI advocacy groups, with opportunities to share activities and resources and collaborate to strengthen the user and family voice
  • Provide CI advocates with the tools for change they need to increase access to CI services

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