Reconfiguring CI services:
The ‘new normal’

Presented 22 July 2020

The first webinar in the CI Futures Forum series was held on 22 July 2020. We have collected the presentations from our panellists below. All videos are captioned.

Katherine Bouton

Katherine Bouton (US)

‘Surviving the Pandemic with Hearing Loss: Challenges and Unexpected Benefits’

Frank Lin (US)

‘Hearing Loss, Aging and Public Health’

Bruce Gantz

Bruce Gantz (US)

‘Re-Instituting Patient Interactions and Programming in the Pandemic’

Thomas Roland

Thomas Roland (US)

‘COVID-19: Returning to the New Normal’

Douglas Hartley

Douglas Hartley (UK)

‘CI Surgery and COVID-19’

Thomas Lenarz

Thomas Lenarz (DE)

‘Cochlear Implantation During and After Corona Times’

Robert Briggs

Robert Briggs (AU)

‘The Melbourne CI Clinic – Reconfigured’