Learn about Cochlear Implant surgery with ENT surgeon, Bill Baber.

Challenges relating to cochlear implantation for adults.

ENT surgeon Bill Baber walks us through a CI surgery. Contains graphic surgical content.

Public Health Advocacy in times of uncertainty

The pathway to a global standard of care for adults

Dr Lewis Williams discusses advocacy and the CI experience


CI Champions Workshop 2020

Cochlear implant experiences and best practise tips

IFHOH CI Advocacy Webinar


Standard of Care: an Audiologist’s Perspective

Standard of Care: A Surgeon’s Perspective

Standard of Care: A Surgeon’s Perspective

Standard of Care: A Surgeon’s Perspective

Standard of Care: The relationship between hearing loss and depression, cognition and dementia in adults with Professor Cathy Birman

Standard of Care: The relationship between hearing loss and depression, cognition and dementia in adults with Associate Professor Piers Dawes

Standard of Care: Adults with severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss


Reconfiguring CI Services: The ‘New Normal’

Surviving the Pandemic with Hearing Loss: Challenges and Unexpected Benefits

Hearing Loss, Ageing and Public Health

Re-Instituting Patient Interactions and Programming in the Pandemic

COVID-19: Returning to the New Normal

CI Surgery and COVID-19

Cochlear Implantation During and After Corona Times

The Melbourne CI Clinic – Reconfigured

No Touch CI Pathways: Will COVID-19 Drive Innovation?

A Consumer’s Perspective on “Remoting”

Rethinking Audiology During COVID-19 and Beyond

Lessons from Remote Fitting of Hearing Aids. One More Step Towards CI Remote Fitting

Implant Driven Post-Op Monitoring

Paediatric Audiologic Care Throughout a Global Pandemic

Catalysing the Dormant Innovation in Cochlear Implantation

Evolving Remote Care for CI in South India- MERF Model

Are Home Testing and Home Fitting Within Reach?

Assuring Early CI Intervention Post-COVID-19

A Snapshot of Newborn Hearing Screening Services in the UK During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meeting Challenges of Later Identification, Delayed Cochlear Implantation, Early Intervention Services and Developmental Progress Monitoring Post-COVID-19

The Missing Cohort: Can We Track and Trace Deafness Too?

How Best Paediatric Audiological Services Should Adapt to the Post-COVID Era

Then and Now: the Manchester Experience

Global Responses of CI Services to COVID-19

Remote Services: Patient Perspective

Risk Mitigation During Cochlear Implant Surgery in the Era of the COVID-19 Pandemic: the Role of Heads-up Surgery with Exoscopes and Barrier Drapes

CI Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic in China

Beyond the Doom and Gloom

Global Responses of CI Services to COVID-19: Russian Experience

What Can Be Put Into Practice From What We Learned During the Quarantine

The COVID-19 Response in Hong Kong and CI Services

The Italian Experience on Deafness Management and CI Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

CI Research at a Distance: A Post COVID-19 Challenge

Providing Health Care to Patients with Hearing Loss During COVID-19

Does Coronavirus Affect the Audio-Vestibular System?

The Design and Conduct of Randomised Controlled Trials Post-COVID: Considerations from a Clinical Trialist

The LOCHI Study: Speech Discrimination and Ecological Momentary Analysis

Cochlear Implant Research in the United States: COVID-19 Precautions and Amendments

Maximising Benefit of Bilateral Cochlear Implant in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Do Nose-and-Mouth Covering Masks Change Speech Sound Properties

Impacts of COVID on the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center