EURO-CIU Global Guidelines on Standards of Care for Adult Cochlear Implantation

The International Consensus Statements for Adult Cochlear Implantation were published in JAMA earlier this year and more information is available on The guidelines arising from the Consensus Statements are important in providing an evidence-based approach to establishing cochlear implantation as the standard of care for people with severe or profound hearing loss and illustrating what good practice should be in several key areas.

In order to share the guidelines more widely and support their use in public policy work, we have developed a summary document as a EURO-CIU briefing paper which provides all the 20 statements with their key points for policy work. The document is designed to be used by groups in public policy work, to raise awareness and discussion about adult CI and particularly the need for early referral and implantation. It is available to download on EURO-CIU website and soon there will also be translations available. It can be given to public and professionals and decision makers alike and promote the conversation you need to have in your health care system to increase access to CI for adults. It can also be used to promote discussions about what is needed next, moving the conversation on. Have a look at!